Neutral Grey

PRIMAcryl 13.789

Neutral Grey, PRIMAcryl 13.789.

The single pigment colour PRIMAcryl 13.789 »Neutral Grey« (PG 17) compared to Tamiya XF-62 »Olive Drab«.

Airfix 1:76 scale Soviet Infantry with black boots painted PRIMAcryl 13.789 Neutral Grey.

PRIMAcryl 13.789 »Neutral Grey« is an excellent choice for black uniforms and facings, black leather, black equipment and rubber on small-scale figures and vehicles.

PRIMAcryl 13.789 Neutralgrau tinted with 13.101 Titanium White.

Mixed with PRIMAcryl 13.101 »Titanium White«, PRIMAcryl 13.789 »Neutral Grey« offers beautiful tints of grey suitable for grey uniforms, frock coats, shell jackets, greatcoats, breeches, kepis, blanket rolls and saddle blankets.