Prussian 3rd Corps, 1815

Variation in Uniform of former Reserve, Freikorps and Foreign Units

27th (2nd Magdeburg) Infanterie-Regiment

27th (2nd Magdeburg) Infanterie-Regiment

1st Btl., detachements of the Elbe-Regiment wore grey waistcoasts or uniforms of British manufacture.

2nd Btl., the infantry of Hellwig’s Streifkorps wore dark green Kollett with white edging, black collar, Polish cuffs, shoulder straps and shoulder-rolls, white buttons, grey trousers, shako with white hunting horn badge and black crossbelts.

3rd Btl., foreign Jäger Battalion von Reiche wore Jäger uniform with light green shoulder straps and red edging, black crossbelts.

31st (3rd Magdeburg) Infanterie-Regiment

31st (3rd Magdeburg) Infanterie-Regiment

1st Btl., formerly the 2nd Brigade of the Russo-German Legion raised by the Duke of Oldenburg. The unit served in the Russian army from 1812–1815 and transferred to Prussian service in March 1815. Russian uniform, green with blue collar, red facings and red edging on the turnbacks, red shoulder straps or yellow straps with red edging, Kiwer.

2nd Btl., as 1st Battalion.

3rd Btl., as 1st Battalion, possibly with the black crossbelts which were normally worn in the 3rd battalions of the line infantry.

Other units in this corps wore the typical 1813–1815 campaign uniform.

Prussian Napoleonic Infantry, 1813–1815