Prussian 4th Corps, 1815

Variation in Uniform of former Reserve, Freikorps and Foreign Units

18th (1st Westphalian) Infanterie-Regiment

18th (1st Westphalian) Infanterie-Regiment

1st Btl., grey uniform of French cut, carmine collar patches and edging of the turnbacks, shako or grey Schirmmütze cap with a carmine band.

2nd Btl., grey waistcoat with yellow collar patches and facings, white buttons and shoulder straps, covered Schirmmütze.

3rd Btl., dark blue waistcoat, carmine collar patches, dark blue Schirmmütze with carmine band, dark blue trousers and black crossbelts.

We’ve used ESCI Russian Grenadiers for this conversion. The four men on the right flank of the unit, two loading and two kneeling, had the Kiwer M.1812 replaced by a Schirmmütze taken from Airfix Prussian Landwehr. The four men in the center are unchanged, except that a loading grenadier has been converted to a standardbearer. The musket has been removed and replaced by 0.6 mm pianowire. The flag was made from paper, it shows the Iron Cross which was introduced on 10th March 1813. The Freiwillige Jäger in front of the unit are Prussian Füsiliers from ESCI, with the bicorne replaced by a shako. Their muskets should have been shortened to make them look like German hunting rifles. The green pompom isn’t a regulation item, it should have been replaced by an oval shaped Prussian cockade.

Other units in this corps wore the typical 1813–1815 campaign uniform.

Prussian Napoleonic Infantry, 1813–1815