Prussian 5th Corps, 1815

Variation in Uniform of former Reserve, Freikorps and Foreign Units

30th (4th Rhenish) Infanterie-Regiment

30th (4th Rhenish) Infanterie-Regiment

1st Btl., formerly the 1st Brigade of the Russo-German Legion raised by the Duke of Oldenburg. The unit served in the Russian army from 1812–1815 and transferred to Prussian service in March 1815. Russian uniform, green with red collar, red facings and red edging on the turnbacks, red shoulder straps or yellow straps with red edging, Kiwer (shakos).

2nd Btl., as 1st Battalion.

3rd Btl., as 1st Battalion, possibly with the black crossbelts which were normally worn in the 3rd battalions of the line infantry.

It is not certain which Prussian corps this unit was attached to during the 1815 campaign. The 1st to 4th Corps were fighting in Belgium, 5th and 6th Corps were raised in the Rhineland, 7th (Garde) Corps was in Berlin and the 8th Corps was still being formed in Berlin when the victory at Waterloo brought hostilities to an end.

Prussian Napoleonic Infantry, 1813–1815