French Napoleonic Hussars, 1804–1813

Miniatures Conversions in 1:72 Scale

French 11th Hussars of the Napoleonic Wars, 1:72 Miniatures Conversion Revell 02576.

A simple conversion. Guard Chasseurs receive the regulation shako of the line units, turning them into Hussars of the Line.

A regiment of French hussars consisted of four squadrons of two companies each. At 1:60 figure scale, a regiment would require eight figures, seven regular hussars and one trooper from the Elite Company, the trumpeter pictured above. For the Elite Company, we may use a Guard Chasseur figure without modification, painted in the colours of the hussars of the line. The other seven troopers have the head with the fur colpack removed above the collar. Keep these heads, we will use them for the grenadiers of the 1st and 2nd Nassau Infantry Regiments.

Remove seven heads from French Line Infantry figures by Airfix. To attach these heads to the cavalry figures, cut 0.3 mm pianowire into 15 mm pins, push 2/3 of the pin into the rider’s torso so that a small pegs remains, onto which the head may be placed. Any joints may be fused and disguised by welding the head to the collar with the soldering iron.

Finally, attach the rider to the horse using a 20 mm pin cut from 0.6 mm pianowire. Approximately 12 mm of the pin are pushed into the saddle, and the rider mounted on the short peg that remains. Even with the rider in place, the peg may be bent slightly to adjust the rider’s seat on the horse. Prior to painting, the rider should be firmly planted in the saddle.

Parts Required

  • French Guard Chasseurs á Cheval, Revell
  • French Line Infantry, Airfix
  • 0.3 mm and 0.6 mm Pianowire

The 11th Hussars pictured above are uniformed as follows:

  • Blue dolman with yellow cords, red collar and cuffs
  • Blue trousers with yellow stripe
  • Blue shabraque with yellow edging
  • Trompeter in reversed colours, red dolman with blue collar and cuffs
  • Trompeter with white elite company colpack, normally black for elite troopers
  • Black shako with brass badge, white/red/blue cockade.
  • Pompom in squadron colours: 1st squadron red, 2nd sky-blue, 3rd orange and 4th violet.
  • Black sabretache with brass regimental number
  • Red barrel sash with white knots and blue vertical stripes

The uniform of the French Hussars of the Line was worn by many allied nations. Painted differently, the converted miniatures may represent hussars from Baden and Westphalia.

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