Sauerländer Halbmond

Sauerländer Halbmond.

Sauerländer Halbmond (Ger., “Sauerland half moon”), a large crescent-shaped historical hunting horn, originated in the Sauerland (or Suderland, southern country) region of the Rhenish Uplands in Germany, which is still used today in Brackage, hunting with packs of Deutsche Bracke hounds. The photo shows musicians of the Electoral Hessian Feldjägers and Prussian Freikorps von Trümbach, Volontaires de Prusse, with Sauerländer Halbmond hunting horns.

The Bajonettjäger, a 40 mm Prince August 3104 Prussian Garde (Nr. 15) conversion, wears the siskin green uniform with scarlet facings of the Prussian Feldjägerkorps, but distinguished by white metal buttons and white hat lace.


  • Feldjägercorps von Kielmansegg, 1813–1814, 28 mm Westfalia Miniatures

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