Suabian Füsilier-Regiment von Württemberg, 1756–1763

Suabian Füsilier-Regiment von Württemberg of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1763

The Wuerttemberg regiment of the Suabian Circle was the oldest infantry regiment of the Duchy of Wuerttemberg. The owner of the regiment was the Duke of Wuerttemberg, who did not command the unit on campaign, however. The regiment consisted of only one battalion of ten füsilier and two grenadier companies, and two battalion guns. Füsilier companies had a full strength of 3 officers and 148 men, whereas the grenadier companies consisted of 3 officers and 96 men. Füsilier-Regiment von Württemberg recruited its predominantly protestant recruits in the Duchy of Wuerttemberg. A small number of the men came from the Duchy of Hohenzollern (catholic), the Estate of Wiesensteig (cath.), and the imperial city of Weil (cath.). The Wuerttemberg Kreisregiment was considered unreliable, and it did not participate in any significant battles of the Seven Years’ War.


  • Herzog Karl Eugen von Württemberg

Commanding Officer

  • Johann David Abraham von Auge, 1756–1758
  • Freiherr von Biedenfeld, 1758–1763


  • Regimentsstab (regimental staff)
    • 1. Grenadier-Kompanie
    • 2. Grenadier-Kompanie
    • 1. Kompanie (Leibkompanie)
    • 2. Kompanie
    • 3. Kompanie
    • 4. Kompanie
    • 5. Kompanie
    • 6. Kompanie
    • 7. Kompanie
    • 8. Kompanie
    • 9. Kompanie
    • 10. Kompanie
    • two 3-pfünder Bataillonsgeschütze (battalion guns)
  • Garrison: Stuttgart
  • Cantonement: Herzogtum Württemberg (protestant)
    Fürstentum Hohenzollern (catholic)
    Herrschaft Wiesensteig (catholic)
    Reichsstadt Weil (catholic)


  • Bilderlexikon der Uniformen von 1700 bis zur Gegenwart, Südwest Verlag
  • Deutsche Uniformen im Zeitalter Friedrichs des Großen, Sturm Zigaretten, Dresden


  • darkblue coat of Prussian cut, with white buttons
  • yellow collar
  • yellow lapels with 8 white buttons, 2 buttons below lapels
  • yellow cuffs with 3 buttons
  • red turnback
  • yellow shoulder strap on left shoulder
  • silver aiguillette on right shoulder
  • black stock
  • yellow Kamisol with white buttons
  • yellow breeches
  • black gaiters with white buttons
  • black tricorne hat with white edging and black/yellow pompom
  • Prussian grenadier mitre cap with yellow metal front plate, yellow bag, white lace, and black/yellow pompom

Campaign History

  • Engagements of Eilenburg and Torgau, 1758
  • Engagement of Maxen, 1759


  • 1. Württembergisches Grenadier-Regiment Königin Olga Nr. 119, 1902
  • 13. (Württembergisches) Infanterie-Regiment, 1. und 2. Kompanie, 1921

A Knötel illustration of the regimental colours of Füsilier-Regiment von Württemberg may offer some insights into the flag designs of the other infantry regiments of the Wuerttemberg army.

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