Sidearm 84/98 Ausf. III

German Wehrmacht Sidearm 84/98 III, 1:32 ESCI 5504.

The Seitengewehr 84/98 Ausf. III was the standard sidearm for the German Wehrmacht K98k carbine, and it remained in service even after the Seitengewehr Modell 42 was scheduled for mass production in 1943. The World-War One version of the Sidearm 84/98 was converted from the German Seitengewehr 71/84 by replacing the barrel ring with the new SG 98 pommel. The second version, issued to the post-war German Reichswehr, received a flash protector. This and the third version of the bayonet were carried in a steel scabbard.

The ESCI 1:32 scale German infantrymen pictured above demonstrate how the bayonet is carried on the Feldspaten entrenching tool. Of course, neither of these two figures would normally be equipped with the SG 84/98 III, because German submachine gunners and machine gunners No. 1 did not carry a bayonet in combat.

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