Tamiya Color XF-49

Khaki, Tamiya Color XF-49.

Tamiya XF-49 »Khaki« in the foreground and, tinted with 20 % white, on an Ostmodels romanian tank destroyer T-60 Tacam behind.

Tinted with white, Tamiya XF-49 »Khaki« is a suitable base colour for Japanese field guns, as well as infantry tunics, trousers, webbing, field caps and steel helmets.

Tamiya XF-49 »Khaki« matches the British Army base colour G3, later designated »Khaki Green № 3«, tinted with 20 % white. Tamiya XF-61 »Dark Green« and XF-58 »Olive Green« may be used to represent the disruptive colours »Dark Green № 4« und »Light Green № 5« of the three-colour camouflage pattern.

The mixture with Tamiya XF-93 Brown RAL 8020 provides a suitable Grey Green RAL 7008.