Olive Drab

Tamiya Color XF-62

Olive Drab, Tamiya Color XF-62.

Tamiya XF-62 »Olive Drab« in the foreground and, tinted with white, on a Hasegawa 1:72 scale M3A1 Half-Track behind.

Tamiya XF-62 »Olive Drab«, the »Lustreless Olive Drab 319« base colour for equipment and vehicles of the US Army and its World War II allies, who received US equipment under the Lend-Lease Act. On 12 April 1944, the British Army introduced a similar S.C.C. № 15 »Olive Drab« base colour so that paint finishes on its own vehicles better matched those of US lend-lease production.

Lustreless Olive Drab 319 – Colour № 9