Timpo 1:32 Miniatures

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1:32 Miniatures Description
Timpo Romans
Timpo Vikings
Timpo Crusaders
Timpo Knights with Pot Helmets
Timpo Knights with Visored Helmets
Timpo Knight with Silver Armour
Timpo Knight with Golden Armour
Timpo Knights Action Pack
Timpo Continental Army, American Revolutionary War
Timpo British Army, American Revolutionary War
Conversion Lt. John J. Dunbar
Toyway 43504 Union Infantry Action Figures
Timpo 7th US Cavalry, Series 1
Timpo 7th US Cavalry, Series 2
Timpo 7th US Cavalry, Series 3
Conversion 7th US Cavalry (1874)
Timpo Colt .44 Army M.1860
Timpo Colt .45 Single Action Army M.1873 “Peacemaker”
Timpo Sharps Carbine M.1859
Timpo Springfield Trapdoor Carbine M.1873
Timpo Henry Repeating Rifle M.1860
Timpo Henry Carbine M.1860
Timpo Winchester Repeating Rifle M.1866
Timpo Winchester Carbine M.1866
Timpo Winchester Sporting Rifle M.1873
Timpo Winchester Carbine M.1873
Timpo Confederate Army, Series 1
Timpo Confederate Army, Series 2
Timpo Confederate Army, Series 3
Toyway 43505 Confederate Soldiers Action Pack
Conversion William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody
Conversion Jesse James
Conversion Lonesome Cowboy
Timpo Cowboys, Series 1
Timpo Cowboys, Series 2
Timpo Cowboys, Series 3
Timpo Cowboys, Series 4
Toyway 43502 Cowboys Action Figures
Timpo Cowboys, Wild West Action Pack
Timpo Farmers
Timpo Trappers
Timpo Flintlock Rifle
Timpo Quack
Timpo Railroad Engineer and Stoker
Timpo Indians, Series 1
Timpo Indians, Series 2
Timpo Indians, Series 3
Toyway 43503 Indians Action Figures
Timpo Apaches
Timpo Mexicans
Timpo Arabs
Timpo French Foreign Legion
Timpo Eskimo / Inuit
Timpo ANZAC Infantry, World War II
Timpo British Infantry, World War II
Timpo British 8th Army Action Pack
Timpo German Infantry, World War II
Timpo US Infantry, World War II
Timpo Modern Soldiers
Timpo Scotts Guards

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