Truck 1.5 t gl
Daimler-Benz Unimog S 404 B

Truck 1.5 t gl, Daimler-Benz Unimog S 404 B.

In 1954/55, the German Bundeswehr called for the design and production of a 1.5 ton utility truck with exceptional cross-country driving ability. Daimler-Benz won the bid with a vehicle called "Universal-Motorengerät" – Unimog. Over 65,000 Unimogs were produced, 36,000 for the Bundeswehr, the remainder for other NATO forces and civilian use. Unimogs are popular forestry and farm vehicles in a number of European countries, and many ex-military Unimogs have been converted to mobil homes for overland adventure travel. In 1978 the second generation Truck 2 t tmil gl, Unimog 435 was introduced and it has gradually replaced the original Unimog as the standard military utility vehicle in the Bundeswehr.

In the 1960s and 70s, when dedicated armoured personnel carriers were in short supply, a number of Bundeswehr Panzergrenadier battalions used Unimog 1.5 t trucks as infantry squad carriers. These units were designated Panzergrenadierbataillon (mot.), and they were converted to Jäger (light infantry) status in 1972. Some Jäger battalions retained the Unimog, others received M113 armoured personnel carriers handed down from Panzergrenadier units who had upgraded to Schützenpanzer Marder 1 infantry fighting vehicles.

Available Scale Model Kits

  • DB Unimog S 404 B, 1:35 Perfect Scale 35009
  • DB Unimog S 404 B, 1:87 ROCO 240
  • DB Unimog S 404 B, 1:100 Roskopf 142
  • DB Unimog S 404 B, 15 mm Peter Pig 15
  • DB Unimog S 404 B, 1:300 Heroics & Ros GM14
  • DB Unimog S 404 B geschl. (Radio), 1:35 Perfect Scale 35017
  • DB Unimog S 404 B geschl. (Radio), 1:87 ROCO 242
  • DB Unimog S 404 Hard Top geschl. (Radio), 1:87 ROCO 665
  • DB Unimog S 404 B geschl. (Radio), 1:300 Heroics & Ros GM15
  • DB Unimog S 404 B geschl. KrKw (MedEvac), 1:87 ROCO 241
  • DB Unimog S 404 B geschl. KrKw (MedEvac), 1:100 Roskopf 28

Technical Specifications

  • Unimog S 404 B – Lkw 1.5 t geländegängig
  • Speed: 95 km/h on roads
  • Range: 650 km
  • Length: 4925 mm
  • Width: 2140 mm
  • Height: 2530 mm (2590 mm, shelter type)
  • Weight: 2900 kg (3050 kg, shelter type)
  • Payload: 2 crew plus 1500 kg (1350 kg, shelter type)
  • Production: 1955–1978 (65,000 units)

Historical Employment

  • Fahrzeug für Mannschafts- und Materialtransporte (troop and cargo carrier)
  • Lastkraftwagen für Luftlandeeinsatz (airportable cargo carrier)
  • Lkw 1.5 t gl Pritsche, Pionier (engineer vehicle)
  • Geschäftszimmerfahrzeug (field office)
  • Fahrzeug für den Wartungs- und Instandsetzungstrupp (field workshop)
  • Funkkraftwagen (radio truck)
  • Krankenkraftwagen (ambulance)
  • Wettertrupp-Fahrzeug (weather office)
  • Zugmaschine für 1.5 t Anhänger, Aggregate oder Waffen bis zu 2.25 t Gesamtgewicht (tractor for 1.5 t trailers or towed weapons up to 2.25 t)
  • Fahrschul- oder Kommando-Fahrzeug mit 5-sitziger Doppelkabine und verkürzter Pritsche (driving school or command vehicle with large cab and shortened flat bed)

The Unimog 1.5 t was an exceptional utility truck for its time. For decades it was the only vehicle capable of mastering the purpose-build Daimler-Benz test track for all-terrain vehicles.

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