Union Cavalry of the American Civil War

Union Cavalry of the American Civil War.

15 mm Heritage Miniatures of Union Cavalry, with a Confederate figure mixed in for variety. The troopers are mounted individually and in pairs, using 12.5 × 25 mm and 25 × 25 mm stands compatible with Complete Brigadier wargame rules. This basing allows the formation of road column with two figures frontage, and troop column with three figures frontage. The two-figure stands may be used to build cavalry brigades for Fire and Fury wargames.

The Union Army raised 272 cavalry regiments during the American Civil War, most of which were volunteer cavalry regiments from different states.


  • Union Cavalry, 1:30 Jean Höfler
  • Union Cavalry, 1:72 IMEX 503
  • Union Cavalry, 1:72 Italeri 6013
  • Union Cavalry (kepi), 20 mm Hinton Hunt BB204
  • Union Cavalry Officer, 20 mm Jacklex JA 13
  • Union Cavalry, 20 mm RSM95 ACWU-C
  • Union Cavalry, 20 mm Jacklex JA 11
  • Union Lancer, 20 mm Jacklex JA 17
  • Union Cavalry, dismounted, 20 mm RSM95 ACWU-DC
  • Union Cavalry, dismounted, standing firing, 20 mm Jacklex JA 21
  • Union Cavalry, dismounted, kneeling firing, 20 mm Jacklex JA 20
  • Union Cavalry, dismounted, kneeling loading, 20 mm Jacklex JA 22
  • Union Cavalry, 1:76 Atlantic 1554
  • Union Cavalry, 1:72 Waterloo1815 P004
  • US Cavalry Brigade, 15 mm Stone Mountain ACN83
  • Union Cavalry Command, 15 mm Old Glory ACW20
  • Union Cavalry Command (Kepi), 15 mm Minifigs 8YCC
  • Union Cavalry, 15 mm Heritage
  • Union Cavalry, 15 mm Minifigs
  • Union Cavalry, 15 mm Battle Honors BACW15
  • Union Cavalry with Sabers, 15 mm Old Glory ACW16
  • Union Cavalrymen, Sabre (Kepi), 15 mm Minifigs 1YCC
  • Union Cavalrymen, Pistol (Kepi), 15 mm Minifigs 2YCC
  • Union Cavalry with Pistols & Carbines, 15 mm Old Glory ACW31
  • Rush’s Lancers, 15 mm Minifigs 13YCC
  • Union Cavalry dismounted, 15 mm Old Glory ACW18
  • Union Cavalry dismounted, 15 mm Battle Honors BACW07
  • 4 Horses and 2 Holders (Kepi), 15 mm Minifigs 14YCC
  • Mixed Cavalry Casualties, 15 mm Minifigs 91YCC


  • dark blue jacket with yellow trim
  • dark blue cuffs with yellow trim
  • dark blue collar with yellow trim
  • yellow rank badges
  • sky blue trousers (with yellow stripe for officers and NCOs)
  • dark blue kepi with crossed sabre badge
  • black leather equipment
  • black cavalry boots

Because of the massive firepower of infantry rifles, repeating carbines, and rifled artillery used in the American Civil War, cavalry typically fought dismounted.


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