Brown Violet

Vallejo Model Color 70.887

Brown Violet FS 34088-ANA613, Vallejo Model Color 70.887.

Vallejo Model Color 70.887 »Brown Violet« (FS 34088-ANA613) compared to our own »Olive Green« mixture, consisting of three parts Lascaux 961 »Yellow Ochre« and one part PRIMAcryl 13.431 »Indigo«, and Gunze Aqueous H330 »Dark Green BS 381C/641«.

Vallejo 70.887 »Brown Violet« is the equivalent of FS 34088-ANA613 »Olive Drab« for US Army camouflage patterns. In addition, the water-based acrylic paint is included in Vallejo’s »British Early War Paint Set« as the G3 basic colour »Khaki Green № 3« for British Army vehicles and painted equipment like steel helmets, mortar tubes etc.

Lustreless Olive Drab 319