Rules for English Civil War Wargames with Army Lists and Campaign System

1644 – Rules for English Civil War Wargames with Army Lists and Campaign System, by Rick Priestley.

The English Civil War has grown increasingly popular as a wargames period over the last few years. Much interest has been generated by the efforts of Civil War reenactment societies whose displays can be seen throughout the country during the summer months. Wargamers have undoubtedly benefitted from the practical experiences of these latter day pikemen and musketeers, as well as from the societies’ research into uniforms, weaponry and fighting formations. Amongst those actively involved in reenactment are two very talented wargame designers: Mike and Alan Perry. The Perrys’ enthusiasm for Civil War subjects shows no sign of drying up, and their large range of Wargames Foundry figures provides all the raw material needed to assemble accurate Civil War armies.

This set of rules has been developed from the author’s house rules, originally designed for the War of the Spanish Succession, and subsequently adapted for a wide variety of periods.

The object of the exercise has been to give a challenging, but not taxing game, reflecting the spirit of the age as much as its harsh realities. Players will find very little demanded from them in the way of casualty keeping, order writing, or recording of any kind. Where necessary, these important elements of the game are represented by means of special counters. Illustrations of these counters are included at the end of the book for players to cut out or copy as they wish. -- Rick Priestley


  • Title: 1644 – Rules for English Civil War Wargames with Army Lists and Campaign System
  • Period: English Civil War, 1642–1660
  • Type: Tactical Miniature Wargame
  • Time Scale: none given
  • Ground Scale: 1:390 (1 inch = 10 meters)
  • Troop Scale: 1 figure = 30 or 40 men
  • Basing: 20 × 20 mm for infantry, 25 × 50 mm for cavalry
  • Author: Rick Priestley
  • Format: 48-page rule book
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Wargames Foundry, Nottingham, England
  • Published: 1990


  • Troops of the Civil War
  • Setting up the Table
  • Introduction to the Game
  • Movement
  • Shooting
  • Melee
  • Routs, Rally and Pursuit
  • Command
  • Army Lists
    • Choosing Forces
    • Early Royalist
    • Early Parliamentarian
    • Late Royalist
    • The New Model Army
    • Montrose Scots
    • Scots Covenanters
  • Campaigns
    • The Campaign
    • The Campaign Map
    • Map of Scruttockshire
    • The Sides
    • Settlement Defence
    • The Campaign Turn
    • Revenue
    • Patrols
    • Armies
    • Battles
    • Scouting the Enemy
    • Retreating from a Battle
    • Attacking Settlements
    • Victors and Vanquished
    • Casualties
    • Review of Status
    • Ultimate Victory

Quick Reference Sheets

  • Summary Sheet
  • Intention & Command Counters

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