Somua S-35 Cavalry Tank

World Tanks Depot 1:87 Scale Vehicle Review

French Somua S-35 Cavalry Tank, 1:87 H0 Model World Tanks Depot 31.

Somua S-35 cavalry tanks changed hands several times during World-War Two. The attractive French two- and three-color camouflage patterns were initially retained by the German Wehrmacht, but most captured vehicles were eventually repainted Dark Grey No. 46 or in a Wehrmacht camouflage pattern. From 1944, recaptured Somua S-35 cavalry tanks served in the French army again, namely in the re-established 13th Dragoon Regiment. The Somua S-35 from World Tanks Depot an attractive little model that, with a little effort, may be converted into a Pz.Kpfw. 35S 739(f) of the Wehrmacht. These converted vehicles later served in French Army again.


Excellent choice of subject, the Somua S-35 is unique in H0 model railway scale. The vehicle served in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd French Divisions Légère Mécanique, and in the 4th Division Cuirassée de Réserve, which was being formed as a reserve at the beginning of the war.

The vehicle is sold fully assembled and painted.

Experienced modellers may want to add an antenna.

Compatible with other HO scale vehicles and miniatures available from Märklin, ROCO, Faller, Pola, Preiser, and Noch.

The Somua is painted in a three-colour camouflage pattern of the French Army. The paint job may be significantly improved by weathering.

The vehicle has licence plates, but they have been left unpainted.

World Tanks Depot’s Somua S-35 is a valuable model for collectors, diorama builders, and wargamers.

Sample from World Tanks Depot

Somua S-35 Cavalry Tank