Zvezda 1:72 Miniatures

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Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery

1:72 Miniatures Description
Zvezda 8001 Russian Knights, 13th–14th Century
Zvezda 8003 Mongols, 13th–14th Century
Zvezda 8005 Ancient Greek Infantry, 5th to 4th Century B.C.
Zvezda 8006 Persian Infantry (Immortals), 5th to 4th Century B.C.
Zvezda 8007 Macedonian Cavalry, 4th Century B.C.
Zvezda 8008 Persian Chariot and Cavalry, 4th Century B.C.
Zvezda 8011 Battle Elephants, 3rd to 1st Century B.C.
Zvezda 8014 Siege Machines Kit No. 1
Zvezda 8015 Siege Machines Kit No. 2
Zvezda 8016 Livonian Knights, 13th–14th Century
Zvezda 8017 Samurai Warriors
Zvezda 8018 Russian Guards Cossacks, 1812
Zvezda 8019 Macedonian Falanx, 4th to 1st Century B.C.
Zvezda 8020 Russian Grenadiers, 1812–1814
Zvezda 8022 Russian Artillery, 1812–1814
Zvezda 8025 Samurai Warriors Cavalry
Zvezda 8026 Russian Cuirassiers, 1812–1814

Fortifications and Siege Equipment

1:72 Model Kits Description
Zvezda 8501 Russian Fort, 12th–17th Century
Zvezda 8502 Russian Fort Tower, 12th–17th Century
Zvezda 8502 Flank Tower Conversion, 12th–17th Century
Zvezda 8503 Fort Wall
Zvezda 8504 Fort Wall with Gate
Zvezda 8506 Ancient Stone Fortress
Zvezda 8507 Stone Fortress Wall
Zvezda 8508 Stone Fortress Tower
Zvezda 8509 Stone Fortress Tower with Gate
Zvezda 8510 Medieval Stone Fortress
Zvezda 8511 Round Stone Tower
Zvezda 8512 Medieval Stone Castle
Zvezda 8513 Siege Tower
Zvezda 8516 Trebuchet
Zvezda 8518 Roman Fort
Zvezda 8519 Royal Castle
Zvezda 8524 Height increase Set for Round Tower
Zvezda 8525 Stone Arch Bridge
Zvezda 8526 Stone Watch Tower
Zvezda 8528 Rock Base
Zvezda 8529 Height extension Set for Walls and Square Tower
Zvezda 8530 Bridge Sections

Model Ships and Boats

Plastic Models Description
Zvezda 8514 Greek Trireme (Trieres)
Zvezda 8515 Roman Trireme
Zvezda 9007 Kursk Class Nuclear Submarine
Zvezda 9010 Oriol Class Nuclear Submarine
Zvezda 9011 Brigantine, 1:100 Heller
Zvezda 9012 Pourquoi Pas, 1:400 Heller
Zvezda 9013 Sirius, 1:100 Heller
Zvezda 9019 Trireme of the Roman Emperor


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