Bandolier, 50 rounds (Mark I)

Bandolier, 50 rounds (Mark I), Pattern 1903.

Bandolier, 50 rounds (Mark I), 20 Oct 1903, is an ammunition bandolier developed for British infantry and artillery. The bandolier has five pockets, each of which holds 10 rounds of .303 British Lee-Enfield Mk.7 ammunition in two 5 round chargers. The bandolier is curved to fit the shoulder, and it has a small steadying strap which fits around the pattern 1903 waistbelt. The Mk. II bandolier differs from its successor, the Bandolier, 50 rounds (Mark II), in that it has an elaborate brass buckle. Similarly, a new Bandolier, 90 rounds (Mark I) was developed for cavalry and mounted infantry.