Painting Vietnam Era US Tiger Stripe Pattern Uniforms

1:72 Scale Painting Techniques

US Tiger Stripe Pattern.

US Special Forces wearing Tiger Stripe uniforms. The ESCI figures have been undercoated olive green, and they were washed and drybrushed to accentuate the folds in the clothing. The Tiger Stripes were first painted in a creamy Olive Green tinted with 50 % white. Occasional Earth Brown splotches were painted between these stripes. Finally, the Tiger Stripes were painted dark grey, leaving enough of the creamy Olive Green outline to achieve the overall effect of this pattern.

The pattern looks ok, but it’s not perfect yet. In 1:72 scale, the trousers should have four or five distinct stripes on each leg, rather than the three to four stripes we painted. The creamy Olive Green outlines should we wider and more prominent than they are now, in order to reduce the amount of dark Olive Green. The helmet covers still need to painted with Vietnam era leaf pattern camouflage.

Painting Camouflage Uniforms