British Disruptive Pattern Material – DPM

British Soldier 95 Woodland DPM and matching colour chits of Humbrol, PRIMAcryl, Revell and Vallejo.

Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) is a multi-coloured fabric, from which camouflaged smocks, jackets, hoods, trousers, caps, pouches, packs, and rucksacks for military use were produced. Developed from the “brushstroke” disruptive pattern of the Smock, Denison, Airborne Troops, the four colours officially adopted for Woodland DPM are »Mid Green«, »Dark Brown«, »Black«, and »Dark Sand«.

British Soldier 95 Woodland DPM, used, faded by sunlight.
British Soldier 95 Woodland DPM, used, exposed surface, faded by sunlight.

The used “Jacket, Combat, Lightweight, Woodland DP, 8415-99-503-8774”, pictured above, was made from British S95 Woodland DP material. Matching paints for this particular jacket are PRIMAcryl 13.684 »Natural Burnt Umber«, Revell 3610.9 »Anthracite Grey RAL 7021«, Vallejo 71.118 »Grey RAL 7027«, and Humbrol 151 »Interior Green«. Depending on the scale of the miniatures to be painted, these paints need to be desaturated and muted to account for aerial perspective.

British Soldier 95 Woodland DPM, used, inside of pocket flap not exposed to sunlight.
British Soldier 95 Woodland DPM, used, inside of pocket flap, hidden from sunlight.

Inside the pocket flap, hidden from sunlight, the disruptive colours of the “Jacket, Combat, Lightweight, Woodland DP, 8415-99-503-8774” reviewed above have faded much less. While Humbrol 151 »Interior Green« is an excellent match for the faded »Mid Green« on the exposed surfaces of the combat jacket, Revell 36.363 »Dark Green« – while it is a little too bluish – better matches the original »Mid Green« still found on less exposed surfaces; keeping in mind that the jacket must have been washed repeatedly during its time in service and some fading is sure to have occurred here, too.

Painting British Woodland DPM

Tropical, Desert DPM

British Soldier 95 Tropical, Desert DPM, mint condition, made in 2007.
British Soldier 95 Tropical, Desert DPM, mint condition, made in 2007.

Tropical, Desert DPM is a two-colour disruptive pattern material, from which desert combat uniforms, personal equipment, and combat body armour vests were manufactured. The new and unused “Jacket, Combat, Tropical, Desert, DPM, 8415-99-978-6903” above, made by Cooneen Watts & Stone Ltd. in 2007, shows no signs of fading. Colours on the exposed collar and chest perfectly match those on the hidden surfaces of the folded jacket, and inside the pocket flaps. Matching paints for this brand-new jacket are Humbrol 121 »Pale Stone« and Vallejo 70.921 »English Uniform«.

Painting Disruptive Patterns

In the British Army, DPM has been superseded by Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP), introduced in 2010.


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