Entrenching Tool

British implement, entrenching, Pattern 1937, helve, Mark II, with adaptor for the No. 4 Bayonet.

Entrenching tool (field spade, short-handled spade), a military spade for field use by individual soldiers, with a short handle and smaller blade than conventional gardening tools and pioneer spades, is carried in a webbing, leather or imitation leather carrier attached to the waist belt. Its successor, the folding spade introduced in 1938, has a longer handle, but is the same length when folded for stowage. The British 1937 pattern entrenching tool with helve Mk. II, introduced in 1941, shown with its Carrier, Entrenching Tool, ‘37 Pattern Webbing above, has a separate helve with bayonet adaptor for the No. 4 Bayonet, so that the tool could be used as a mine prod.

Entrenching Tools

  • Linnemannske Spade M.1870
  • Kleiner Infanteriespaten MPL-50 System Linnemann M.1917
  • Kleiner Infanteriespaten MPL-50 System Linnemann M.1939
  • Tragbares Schanzzeug, Feldspaten M.1874
  • Tragbares Schanzzeug, Feldspaten M.1887
  • Tragbares Schanzzeug, Feldspaten M.1898
  • Kleines Schanzzeug, Feldspaten M.1898
  • Feldspaten für Maschinengewehrtruppen, M.1901
  • Feldspaten für Maschinengewehrtruppen, M.1915
  • Kleines Schanzzeug, Feldspaten M.1898, geschweißt, 1930s
  • Zusammenklappbares Schanzzeug, Klappspaten M.1938
  • Feldklappspaten with Pick M.1955 (Bundeswehr)
  • Dreifach-Feldklappspaten (Bundeswehr)
  • T-handled spade, non-folding, Pattern 1907 (US-Armee)
  • British 1908 Pattern Entrenching Tool
  • British 1937 Pattern Entrenching Tool
  • British 1939 Pattern Entrenching Tool
  • Intrenching Tool M.1943 (US Army)
  • Intrenching Tool, Combination M.1951
  • Intrenching Tool M.1956
  • Intrenching Tool (E-tool), tri-folding, M.1967
  • Entrenching Tool M.2000
  • Klappspaten K4 (Bundesheer)
  • Glock Feldspaten M.1983 (Glock)
  • Danish Feltspade M/96 (Glock)

The field spade with sharpened edges was as feared melee weapon in World-War One, especially during nightime trench raids

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