Flügelgrenadiers (German, literally wing or flank grenadiers), the most reliable men of the Grenadier and Guard Regiments. So called, to differentiate these elites from the other grenadiers of their unit. The grenadiers of II. Bataillon of the Prussian Regiment Garde (Nr. 15II / III) wore hats, those of the III. Bataillon grenadier mitre caps with a yellow bag, but the flank grenadiers of both battalions wore mitre caps with a red bag, similar to those of the I. Bataillon. In Regiment Grenadier-Garde (Nr. 6), pictured above, grenadiers and flank grenadiers wore identical grenadier caps.

Regiments with Flügelgrenadiers

  • Prussian Grenadier-Garde (Nr. 6)
  • Prussian I. Bataillon Leibgarde (Nr. 15I)
  • Prussian Regiment Garde (Nr. 15II / III)
  • Saxon Leibgrenadier-Garde
  • Saxon Grenadier-Bataillon Kurprinzessin

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