British Paratroops, 1942–1945

Review of 1:72 Scale Airfix Reproductions

British Paratroops, 1942–1945, 1:72 Airfix Reproductions made in Hongkong.

Airfix 1:32 scale British Paratroops have been available as low-quality 1:72 scale reproduction for years. They are part of cheap »playsets« with figures, vehicles, aircraft, and accessories of varies scales, which turn up at toy stores and trade fairs occasionally. These paratroops made in Hongkong have had their steel helmets replaced, but are otherwise very similar to the originals.


Figures in 6 Poses – 23,5 mm equal 169 cm Height

  • Para Officer with Sten SMG
  • Para NCO with Sten SMB, throwing Hand Grenade
  • Para Bren Gunner
  • Para with Rifle, standing, firing
  • Para with Sniper Rifle, kneeling, firing
  • Para with Rifle and fixed Bayonet, advancing


British Paratroops, 1942–1945, 1:72 Airfix Reproductions made in Hongkong.

Excellent choice of subject, these British Paratroops have yet to be released by Airfix in 1:72 scale. The figures are wearing the Smock, Denison, Airborne Troops over Battledress, with 1937 Pattern Web Equipment, but with a different steel helmet replacing the Helmet, Steel, Airborne Troops (HSAT).

The sniper may be converted to a rifleman simply by slicing the scope off his rifle.

The figures are cheap, poor quality reproduction with many miscasts. However, each playset typically includes a good number of fully cast figures which may be worth the effort of removing flash and prominent mould lines, perhaps even reconverting them to match the originals.

It would be nice if Airfix were to publish its superb 1:32 scale British Paratroops in 1:72 scale one day, and in better quality than these reproductions, of course.

British Paratroops, 1942–1945