Service Brown

Humbrol 10

Service Brown, Humbrol 10.

Humbrol 10 »Service Brown« compared to Vallejo 71.042 »Dunkelbraun RLM 81« and Mike Starmer‘s recommended »S.C.C. № 2 Brown«, aka. »Service Brown«, mixture of 6 parts Revell 361.84 »Leather Brown« and 5 parts Revell 361.86 »Olive Brown RAL 7008«.

Humbrol 10 »Service Brown« is much too dark to be compatible with »S.C.C. № 2 Brown«, but it is a good match for »S.C.C. № 1A Very Dark Brown«, the disruptive colour used on the tops of canvas hoods of British Army vehicles.