Khaki Drab

Humbrol Authentic Colour HM7

Khaki Drab, Humbrol Authentic Colour HM7.

Humbrol Authentic Colour HM7 »Khaki Drab«, a muted green shade included in the „Field Uniform“ paint set, compared to the slightly lighter Humbrol 159 »Khaki Drab« and the less green Vallejo 70.924 »Russian Uniform«.

ESCI recommended Humbrol HM7 »Khaki Drab« in several of their painting instructions on the back cover of figure boxes, e. g. as the colour of load bearing equipment and ammunition pouches of modern US Infantry (ESCI P-239), for haversacks of Soviet Infantry (ESCI P-203), alongside Humbrol HD5 »Interior Green«, as one of the two camouflage colours of the rolled tarp carried by Italian Alpini mountain troops (ESCI P-211), alongside Humbrol HM3 »US Olive Drab« and Humbrol 30 Dark Green, as one of three colours of Hungarian camouflage suits (ESCI P-242), or as the colour of the socks worn by British 8th Army soldiers in North Africa (ESCI P-207).