British A.34 Comet I Heavy Cruiser Tank

Matchbox 1:76 Scale Vehicle Review

British A.34 Comet I Heavy Cruiser Tank, 1:76 Model Kit Matchbox 40072.

The model shown here has been built straight from the box, and it could use a little additional detailing. Headlight protectors, search light, antennas, turret lifting hooks, spare track links, items of personal equipment, and other small parts may be scratchbuilt to add visual appeal to the model. A suitable tank commander may be taken from the Matchbox kit of the Humber Mk.II armoured car. The model was sprayed in NATO olive, tinted with 30 % white to take aerial perspective into account. Raised detail was then shaded and drybrushed using Jim Gordon’s weathering technique.


  • A.34 Comet I
    • 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, A Squadron
    • 1st Royal Tank Regiment, Regimental HQ Tank
  • Diorama Battle Display: Shell Crater


Scale model with good detail. The Comet looks rather clean if built straight from the box, it can use some additional detailing and external stowage.

Easy to assemble, only 71 parts. Tow hooks and machine guns are the only small parts in the kit, the rest is easy to handle.

Minimal flash, and only minor mould lines on the hard plastic parts, but the rubber tracks need to be cleaned carefully.

Compatible with Airfix, Fujimi, Nitto, Trux, Crusader Models, Milicast and Cromwell Models.

Unlike other Matchbox kits, the Comet is sold without a crew figure. British tank crew members wore a beret or para helmet, and a suitable plastic figure may be converted to act as the tank commander. Unfortunately, only the tank commander’s cuppola has a separate hatch, the other hatches are modelled in place.

The turret roof surface was marred by unusual plastic inclusions. This fault may be disguised by placing camouflage netting on the turret.

Part № 29 (tow hook) is not clearly shown in the instructions, it belongs in the rear center section of part № 4.

The painting guide on the side of the box shows a search light, turret lifting hooks, and other small parts which are not included in the kit. These parts might be scratchbuilt to add realism to the model.

Headlight protectors are shown on the box art, but are not included in the kit. These parts add a lot of visual appeal to the model; they may be scratchbuilt from brass wire.

The drawing of the finished model on the back of the box has spare track links attached to the turret side, but these are not included in the kit.

The Matchbox model of the Comet tank is easy to built, and it may be detailed further to add realism. For an interesting change of pace, wargamers may want to deploy a platoon of these heavy cruisers against whatever medium or heavy armour the enemy player may still have available in a 1945 scenario.

A.34 Comet I