Sea Green RAL 6028

Revell Aqua Color 361.48

Sea Green RAL 6028, Revell 361.48.

Revell 361.48 »Sea Green RAL 6028«, according to the manufacturer the equivalent of »Pine Green RAL 6028«, compared to Humbrol 30 »Dark Green« and our mixture of four parts PRIMAcryl 13.561 »Turmaline Green« and one part Golden 1415 »Zinc White«.

Revell 361.48 »Sea Green RAL 6028« is a saturated green, which needs to be toned to better suit our modelling purposes.

Revell recommends 361.45 »Light Olive RAL 7003«, 361.48 »Sea Green RAL 6028«, and 361.86 »Olive Brown RAL 7008« as the three colours of the „Splittertarn B“ Buntfarbenaufdruck 31 camouflage pattern of their 1:72 scale Wehrmacht Fallschirmjäger (02500).