Zeltbahn M31 Shelter Half

German Wehrmacht Zeltbahn M31 Shelter Half, 1:32 ESCI 5504.

The Wehrmacht Zeltbahn M31 is a 250 × 200 × 200 cm triangular shelter half, dyed grey green, or printed with a variety of reversible spring and autumn camouflage patterns, and supplied with three sections of tent pole and three tent pegs. Zeltbahn M31 may be used as a lean-to shelter, and it may be worn as a rain poncho or camouflage cape. Four or eight Zeltbahn M31 may be buttoned together to form a small pyramid tent or larger rectangular tent.

The ESCI 1:32 scale German infantrymen pictured above carry their Zeltbahn M31 attached to the Y-straps of the belt supports.

German Miniatures of World-War Two