Bandolier, 100 Cartridges

Bandolier, 100 rounds, German Paratroops.

The charging 1:32 scale Airfix German Paratrooper is equipped with the bandolier for 100 cartridges in eight double pockets and four single pockets, but the number of pockets is incorrect. The mistake can be corrected by carefully removing the excess pockets from the shoulders and neck. In addition, this bandolier only consists of double pockets, of which the top two on each side need to be converted to single pockets. Unfortunately, the other riflemen in this set are equipped with fantasy ammunition pouches, which also need repair. The Fallschirmjäger officer on the left carries one ammunition pouch for three MP 40 box magazines.

Cartridge bandolier for Paratroops, 1:76 Airfix 01753.

In our tutorial “Cartridge Bandolier for Paratroops” we equip the riflemen of Airfix 1:76 scale German Paratroops with bandoliers made of Green Stuff.

Sturmgepäck of the Wehrmacht