Bandolier, Web Belt

LoC № 4607 – Bandolier, Web Belt, 17 Nov 1884
54 Rounds, Leather tubes and flaps, Mounted Infantry
Bandolier, Leather, 50 Rounds, Mounted Infantry

It is similiar in shape and appearance to the one shown in LoC 4401, but the belt itself is made of 3¼ inch web instead of leather. The tubes are divided into five sections, four of which are fitted to carry 12 rounds, and one 6 round of small-arms cartridges. These tubes are 1½ inch deep, and are sewn neatly in the centre of the belt.

To prevent the cartridges being shaken out, each section has a cover or flap which fastens to studs fixed to the tubes, as shwon in the drawing in LoC 4401. A short strap (11 inches in length) is sewn to one end of the belt, and a chape with buckle to the other end, for the purpose of securing it. It is not provided with a steadying strap.

A pattern of bandolier, with web belt, has been sealed to govern supplies for Volunteer Forces at the Cape of Good Hope.

The designation of the bandolier referred to in LoC 4401 has been altered to read:

  • Bandolier, leather, 50 rounds, Mounted Infantry