Painting Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Camouflage Uniforms

Scale Camouflage Painting Techniques

Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard painted in a stripe camouflage pattern.

Imperial Guard infantry painted in a disruptive lizard or tiger stripe camouflage pattern. These 1:55 Scale Games Workshop Warhammer 40k miniatures have been undercoated with medium grey artists‘ acrylic paint. The disruptive tiger stripes were painted white and overpainted in black, leaving a white outline around the edges. The flak vests show Imperial Guard insignia and the Delta Company designation on the left shoulder pad, a battalion patch on the left front pocket, and a panther claw regimental emblem on the backplate. The uniforms and facial features still need to be shaded and highlighted to accentuate the fine detail of these attractive plastic figures.

The oversized cargo pockets on the tunic and trousers should have been painted in the camouflage pattern as well, to make them stand out less. The flashy helmets might have been painted dark grey or olive green to improve the camouflage effect of the uniform. There are many interesting variations of this pattern, using olive green, desert sand, or red desert sand as the basic uniform colour with coloured stripes to match.

Painting Camouflage Uniforms