Red, the colour sensation evoked in a normal eye by one end of the visible spectrum. For every simple red, a simple green can be found in the spectrum, which combines to white. Spectral red and spectral green are complementary. The red rays of light are refracted the least of all other rays of light, and so red is at one end of the spectrum. The red rays exert a weak chemical reaction, but radiate the most heat. Cf. Colour Harmony.

Shades of Red

Single Pigment Colours

A small overview of red (PR) single pigment colours suitable for miniatures, models, and dioramas.

  • Pyrrole Red (PR 254), Golden Acrylics 1277
  • Pyrrole Red light (PR 255), Golden Acrylics 1279
  • Pyrrole Red dark (PR 264), Golden Acrylics 1278
  • English Red, Lascaux 964
  • Vermilion Red (PR 255, Diketopyrrolopyrrole), PRIMAcryl 13.318
  • Madder brilliant (PR 207, Quinacridone), PRIMAcryl 13.319
  • Cadmium Red* medium (PR 108, Cadmium sulfoselenide), PRIMAcryl 13.320
  • Cadmium Red* deep (PR 108, Cadmium sulfoselenide), PRIMAcryl 13.322
  • Ruby (PR 264, Diketopyrrolopyrrole), PRIMAcryl 13.323
  • Alizarin Madder Lake (PR 179, Perylene), PRIMAcryl 13.324
  • Quinacridone Magenta (PR 122, lasierend), PRIMAcryl 13.326
  • Madder Lake Light pink, BLOCKX Artist Oils 421
  • Crimson Lacquer, BLOCKX Artist Oils 427
  • Magenta, BLOCKX Artist Oils 433
  • Vermilion Pyrrole, BLOCKX Artist Oils 521
  • Pyrrole Red, BLOCKX Artist Oils 726
  • Cadmium Red*, BLOCKX Artist Oils 823

Mixed Pigment Colours


* contains Cadmium.

Starting in 1848, red, the colour of blood, has been used to label extreme radicalism inclined to acts of violence, and in France there was talk of a “red republic”, of the “Party of the Reds”. In more recent times, the red flag has become a symbol of the social democratic party. See Colour Symbolism.

Source: Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon, 6. Auflage 1905–1909

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