Scenic Effects

Historically Accurate Scenery for Wargamers and Collectors

15mm Campaign Sets

Austria 1809
Aspern Set 1

15 mm Models Description
A-ASP2 Aspern Row House #1
A-ASP3 Aspern Row House #2
A-ASP4 Aspern Town House
A-ASP6 Two-Story Building (fits on base)
A-ASP7 Church of Aspern, incl. base with walls, ASP6 and sm. outbuilding
A-ASP8 Full Set, includes all of the above. Back to Index

Essling Set 2

15 mm Models Description
A-ESS1 Full Boxed Set
A-ESS2 The Granary at Essling
A-ESS3 The Church at Essling
A-ESS4 Essling Government
A-ESS5 Essling Town House
A-ESS6 Essling Post Office. Back to Index

Wagram Set 3

15 mm Models Description
A-WAG1 Full Boxed Set
A-WAG2 The Church at Wagram
A-WAG3 Tavern at Wagram
A-WAG4 Aderklaa Town House
A-WAG5 Aderklaa Warehouse
A-WAG6 School at Wagram. Back to Index

Village Supplement (not available in box set) Set 4

15 mm Models Description
A-VSP2 Essling Row House #1
A-VSP3 Essling Row House #2 w/shed
A-VSP4 Aspern House and Stable
A-VSP5 Merchant House at Aspern
A-VSP6 Building Destroyed by Fire
A-VSP7 Building Destroyed by Artillery
A-VSP8 Building Destroyed by Malice. Back to Index

Russia 1812
Borodino Set 1

15 mm Models Description
RB11 Full Boxed Set
RB12 Church at Borodino
RB13 Villager’s House #1
RB14 Villager’s House #2
RB15 Village Storehouse
RB16 Village Shop.Back to Index

Borodino Set 2

15 mm Models Description
RB21 Full Boxed Set
RB22 The Fleches
RB23 Utitza House
RB24 Semenovskaya Cabin
RB25 Cabin Destroyed by Artillery
RB26 Destroyed Barn. Back to Index

Beresina Set 3

15 mm Models Description
BER10 Full Boxed Set
BER1 Makeshift Wood Bridge
BER2 Destroyed Village Cabin
BER3 Disassembled Village Cabin #1
BER4 Disassembled Village Cabin #2. Back to Index

Waterloo 1815 Chateau Hougoumont in 15mm Scale

15 piece set includes base & garden walls fully assembled, measures 36″ × 23″.

Waterloo 1815
Series One – Prussian Battlefields

15 mm Models Description
WL1 Large Farm Gate
WL2 High Wall Section
WL3 Large 3-Story Farm House
WL4 Large Stone Barn
WL5 2-Story Village House
WL6 Village Trade House
WL7 Farm House, Corner Unit with outbuilding & long wall
WL8 Farm House, Corner Unit with outbuildings
WL9 Windmill with Onion Dome (Flerus)
WL10 Belgian Church (Ligny/Plancenoit)
WL11 Set 1 – Full Box Set: WL1-2-3-6-7-8
WL12 Set 2 – Full Box Set: WL4-5-9-10. Back to Index

WL11 and WL12 include painting guides and layouts

15mm American Civil War
Sculptured by Andy Copestake of England

15 mm Models Description
ACW1 Wood Cabin
ACW2 Wood Two-Story House
ACW3 Wood Two-Story House with Shed
ACW4 Wood Barn
ACW5 Wood Town House
ACW6 5 Piece Boxed Set. Back to Index

Gettysburg 1863

15 mm Models Description
GET1 Evergreen Gatehouse
GET2 McPherson’s Barn
GET3 Thompson House / Lee’s HQ
GET4 Lutheran Seminary
GET5 Cashtown Hotel
GET6 Trostle Farm with Icehouse
GET7 Meade’s HQ with Outbuilding
GET8 Codori Barn
GET9 Codori House. Back to Index

15mm World War II
Russian Front

15 mm Models Description
RF1 Full Set: 2 Destroyed Cabins, 2 Peasant Cottages, 2 Village Houses.

Northern Europe

15 mm Models Description
NE1 Full Set, includes 3 Destroyed Houses, 3 Town Houses. Back to Index

15mm Accessories

15 mm Models Description
BW1 Brick Wall
RW1 Rock Wall
PW1 Piled Stone Wall
CB1 Brick City Block (Vicksburg)
CB2 Damaged Graveyard
CB3 Intact Graveyard
CB4 Grand Redoubt (2 pieces)
CB5 Infantry Fleches
CB8 Pontoon Bridge Set (3 pieces)
CB9 Cobblestone – Girder Road Bridge Set
CB10 Cloth Wheatfields 20″ × 6″
TS8 ACW Trench System, 8 Pieces, Limited Edition – Painted. Back to Index

Roadways (Made of Latex)

15 mm Models Description
CR19 2″ Cobblestone Set – 20 Pieces, 15″ of road
CR12 1″ Cobblestone Set – 12 Pieces, 11″ of road
CR22 1″ Cobblestone Deluxe Set – 22 Pieces, 23″ of road
DR12 1″ Dirt Road Set – 12″ of road
DR22 1″ Dirt Road Deluxe Set – 23″ of road
DR19 2″ Dirt Road Set – 15″ of road
CR3 4″ Cobblestone – 20mm City Street 2 Piece Set. Back to Index

Roadway Completer Set

15 mm Models Description
CR20 2″ Cobblestone Supplement Set, Carnage Sections
CR21 1″ Cobblestone Supplement Set, Carnage Sections
CR4 1″ Cobblestone 4 Piece Supplement
CRS4 1″ Cobblestone 4 Straight Sections
CRS42 2″ Cobblestone 4 Straight Sections
DR4 1″ Dirt Road 4 Piece Supplement
DRS4 1″ Dirt Road 4 Straight Sections
DRS20 Trampled Wheatfield (Latex) 4″ × 6″. Back to Index

20mm World War II

20 mm Models Description
WB1 Two-Story Fortified Stone House with Battle Damage
WB2 Bombed-out Warehouse with Tank Access
WB3 Dave’s House Mildly Nuked
WB4 Ivan’s Hut – Russian Front Log Cabin with Interior
WB5 The Commissar’s House, 2-Story with Interior and Jail Cell
WB6 »Jumbled the Hut« – Obliterated Russian Front Cabin
WB7 L-Shaped Russian Front Cabin with Interior
WB9 Stalingrad Tractor Factory (STZ) Administration Building
WB10 3-Story Aparment Building Wrecked by Incendiaries
WB11 4-Story Store Front Destroyed by High Explosives
WB12 4-Story Hotel Destroyed by Artillery
WB13 4-Story Office Building Destroyed by Fire
WB16 Coiled Barbed Wire (Custom Order), 11″ Length, Based and Painted
WB17 Knocked Out T34 OP – Stalingrad
WB18 Stalingrad Super Set – Red October Factory with Base. Back to Index

20mm World War II Boats

20 mm Models Description
BB1 Russian 1125 Gunboat (Soviet Naval Raiding Party)
BB2 L.C.T.4 U.K. Newly Sculptured! Holds 9 Shermans
BB3 L.C.P (L) U.K. Wooden Commando Launch. Back to Index

20mm U.S. Vietnam Boats

20 mm Models Description
VB1 Monitor
VB2 CCB Command Communication Boat
VB3 Monitor Flame Thrower (Zippos)
VB4 ATC Troop Carrier. Back to Index

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