Flat Earth

Tamiya Color XF-52

Flat Earth, Tamiya Color XF-52.

Flat-Earthers will be happy to know that Tamiya XF-52 »Flat Earth« has been proving for decades that earth can be painted on discs. The photo compares Tamiya XF-52 »Flat Earth« in the foreground and FS 30257 »Earth Yellow« on a 1:72 scale US Marine Corps LAV-25 by CDC behind.

Tamiya XF-52 »Flat Earth« is a popular colour for weathering military models.

Tamiya XF-52 »Flat Earth«, tinted with 30 % white, roughly corresponds to the »Brun Terre de France« (BTF), along with »Vert Sapin Noir« and »Vert Foncé« one of the three camouflage colours of the French army camouflage pattern introduced in 2009.

NATO Camouflage Patterns, 1949–today