American Militia (2)

Accurate 1:32 Scale Figure Review

American Militia (2), 1:32 Miniatures Accurate 3209.

An officer and American militiamen in the British colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America. The younger looking men among them may be used as Minutemen, members of rapid deployment teams, who were expected to fight at a moment’s notice. In 1775, American militia fought regular British troops at Lexington and Concord, Ticonderoga, and the Battle of Bunker Hill. These 1:32 scale miniatures by Accurate are perfect for dioramas and skirmish games requiring only a few figures per side.

American Militia (2), 1:32 Miniatures Accurate 3209.


20 Miniatures in 10 Poses – 54 mm equal 173 cm Height

  • Militia Officer with pistol
  • Militiaman signaling with hat in hand
  • Militiaman with rifle, hat in hand
  • Militiaman in raincoat, advancing with musket
  • Militiaman with Liberty Cap
  • Militiaman in hunting shirt, loading longrifle, priming the pan
  • Militiaman in hunting shirt, firing longrifle
  • Militiaman in raincoat, standing firing musket
  • Militiaman in raincoat, kneeling firing musket
  • Militiaman, kneeling firing

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