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1:72 Model Kits Description
AER 72001 Soviet ZIS-5 Truck
AER 72002 Soviet ZIS-5.V Truck
72003 / PST 72021 Soviet BZ-35 Fuel Truck
72004 / PST 72011 Soviet ZIS-5-BZ Fuel Truck
72005 / Eastern-Express 72014 Soviet SU-85
72006 / PST 72019 Soviet ZIS-6 Truck
72007 / Toga 256 Soviet ZIS-5 Parm I Workshop
72008 / Toga 257 Soviet Parm II Truck
AER 72009 Soviet T-34/85 M.44 Medium Tank
AER 72010 Soviet SU-100 Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun
72011 / Toga 253 Soviet BM-13 Katjusha on ZIS-6 Truck
AER 72015 Soviet Ural-4320 5 t Truck
AER 72017 Soviet BM-21 “Grad” Rocket Volley System on Ural 4320 Truck
1:72 Resin Model Kits Description
AER 7201 Soviet ZIS-42.M half-track
AER 7202 Soviet BA-11 Heavy Armoured Car
AER 7203 Soviet ZIS-5.W, 37-mm Antiaircraft Gun
AER 7204 Soviet ZIS-42.M, 37-mm Antiaircraft Gun
AER 7205 Soviet Komintern Artillery Tractor
AER 7206 Soviet ZIS-16s Sanitary Car
AER 7207 Soviet ZIS-5, Anti-Aircraft Searchlight
AER 7208 SAU-122 (Syria / Egypt)
AER 7209 Soviet Mine Roller for T-34/85
AER 7210 Soviet 203 mm Heavy Howitzer B-4
AER 7211 Soviet GAZ-98 Aerosan
AER 7212 Soviet Voroshilovets Heavy Tractor
AER 7213 Soviet BM-13 Katiusha on STZ-5 Tractor
AER 7214 Soviet STZ-5 artillery tractor
AER 7216 Soviet BA-11D Heavy Armoured Car
AER 7218 Soviet BA-6 Heavy Armoured Car
AER 7219 Soviet ZIS-5 Truck (Steel Cab)
AER 7220 Soviet ZIS-5.V Truck (Wooden Cab)
AER 7221 Soviet ZIS-6 Truck (4×6, Steel Cab)
AER 7222 Soviet 152 mm tracked Howitzer B-2
AER 7223 Soviet Komintern & 203 mm Heavy Howitzer B4
AER 7225 Soviet Sea-Glider PG-117 on ZIS-5.V Truck
AER 7226 Soviet T-70 Light Tank M.1942
AER 7227 Soviet 76 mm Gun Motor Carriage on ZIS-5 Truck
AER 7228 Soviet SU-76 Self-Propelled Gun
AER 7229 Soviet N-1 “Odessa” Tank Tractor (STZ-5 Terror Tank)
AER 7230 Soviet NKL-26 armoured Aerosan
AER 7231 Soviet Tacianka Machine Gun Carriage
AER 7232 Soviet Katiusha BM-8-24 on T-60 chassis
AER 7233 Soviet JA-12 Artillery Tractor M.1943
AER 7234 Soviet Armoured Patrol Gunboat
AER 7235 Soviet 152 mm Howitzer ML-20
AER 7236 Soviet T-20 Komsomolets with 45 mm AT-Gun
AER 7237 Soviet ZIS-30 Light Tank Destroyer
AER 7238 Soviet 100 mm BS-3 Field Gun (1944)
AER 7239 Soviet STZ NATI Tractor (1935) with 122 mm Howitzer (1910–1930)
AER 7240 Soviet BA-27.M Armoured Car
AER 7241 Egyptian SPG with 100 mm BS-3 on T-34 Chassis
AER 7242 Soviet T-40.C Amphibious Light Tank
AER 7243 Soviet Katiusha BM-8-24 on T-40 Chassis
AER 7244 Soviet GAZ-61 4×4 Staff Car
AER 7245 Soviet FAI-M Armoured Car (1939)
AER 7246 Romanian TACAM T-60 Self-Propelled Gun
AER 7247 Soviet T-60 Light Tank
AER 7248 Soviet GAZ-66 Truck 2 t (4×4)
AER 7249 Soviet Aerofan Boat
AER 7250 Soviet L.54 D-7 AA-Gun M.1939
AER 7251 German Alkett Mine-Sweeper
AER 7252 Soviet T-18 Light Tank
AER 7253 Soviet 57 mm SPG on ZIS-41 armoured Half-Track
AER 7254 German 88 mm Pak 43 Slf. auf Waffenträger Ardelt
AER 7255 KhTZ-16 "Na Ispug" STZ-3 Tank Tractor with 45 mm AT-Gun
AER 7256 Soviet 76.2 mm L/26 Putilov Gun M.1902/30 with Fordson-Putilovets Tractor M.1924
AER 7257 Soviet 76.2 mm Putilov Gun (1902/30) on Anti-Aircraft Mounting
AER 7258 Soviet Voroshilovets Heavy Tractor with 85 mm AA-Gun M.1939
AER 7259 Soviet ZIS-110.B Limousine (1946)
AER 7260 US Light Seal Support Craft LSSC (1969)
AER 7261 Soviet AT-8 Heavy Artillery Halftrack
AER 7262 Soviet AT-45 Heavy Artillery Tractor
AER 7263 Soviet Glider A-40 KT Winged Tank (T-60)
1:72 Ship Models Description
AER Sh7201 Roman Merchant Ship, 300 B.C.
AER Sh7202 Roman Warship, A.D. 260
AER Sh7203 Ancient Chinese Sailing Vessel
AER Sh7204 Northern European Ship, 12th–13th Century
AER Sh7205 Egyptian Merchant Ship, 1500 B.C.
AER Sh7206 Viking Longship, 9th Century


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