Welcome to Bohemia in 1757

The Seven Years’ War
Der Siebenjährige Krieg – La Guerre de Sept Ans

Prussian infantry marching

It is the 18th century, the romantic period, the time of Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Hume, Burke, Lennox, Blake, Herder, Goethe, Schiller, Lessing, Kant, Mozart, Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, and Maria Theresia, Empress of the Habsburg Empire. The European powers are struggling for domination on the continent at the same time that England, France and Spain are expanding their colonial empires in the Americas, the Carribean and in the Far East.

It is the time of the Jacobite Rebellions, the Declaration of Independance, the American War of Independance, the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon, Emperor of France.

The weather in Central Europe is beautiful, sunny and warm. It is spring again, and you have almost forgotten the brutally cold nights of winter quarters. If there was not a war to fight, you would enjoy taking your darling for an afternoon stroll through the meadows. Instead, you look on in horror as young flowers are crushed underfoot.

Cavalry patrols are already operating forward, aggressively, establishing contact with enemy patrols and vedettes. Increased skirmishing activity has been reported and the outpost commanders are warning that the enemy is likely to come out of winter quarters very shortly. A few more days, and the sun will have dried the roads enough to allow artillery and wagon movement, that is when they will come.

As you walk into the morning staff meeting, you remember that your brigade musters for the roll call today, and that you will need to forward a written order of battle to Army Headquarters immediately. You are eager to accomplish this task and get on with issuing your marching orders. Just one more campaign and we may win this war, you wonder.

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