The Reichsarmee

Kurrheinischer Kreis

Mainz, Trier and Cologne raised four infantry regiments for service with the Reichsarmee. These catholic units were more homogeneous, and politically more realiable than some of the other Reichsarmee contingents, but the Cologne contingent was inadequately equipped for war.

  • Kurmainz Infanterie-Regiment von Wildenstein
  • Infanterie-Regiment Jung (not part of the Reichsarmee)
  • Infanterie-Regiment Kurtrier
  • Kurkölnische Hatschier-Leibgarde zu Pferd
  • Kurkölnische Trabanten-Leibgarde zu Fuss
  • Kurkölnisches Husarenkorps (Hauptmann, Leutnant, and 60-70 men)
  • Kurkölnisches Leib-Regiment zu Fuss
  • Kurkölnisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 2 (Generalleutnant Freiherr von Wildenstein

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