Catachan Green

Citadel Colour 47332

Catachan Green, Citadel Colour 47332.

Citadel Colour 47332 »Catachan Green« compared to Polly Scale 500802 FS 34151 »Interior Green«. While Citadel »Catachan Green« is no longer available, having been replaced by a much darker »Castellan Green«, it may be mixed from scratch, using three single pigment coloursVanadium Yellow deep, Cobalt Blue, and Vermilion Red; see our tutorial “How to mix Historic Colours: Catachan Green, Citadel 47332”.

Citadel Colour 47332 »Catachan Green«, a very attractive light olive green, is a good match for the siskin green coat colour of Prussian Jägers.

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