Schützenpanzerwagen 40P (BRDM-1)

Espewe 1:87 Scale Vehicle Review

Schützenpanzerwagen 40P (BRDM-1), 1:87 Espewe 56.

The SPW 40P by Espewe is a 1:87 scale diecast model of the Soviet BRDM-1 amphibious armoured reconnaissance vehicle. Painted »RAL 6003 Olive Green«, the SPW 40P represents a vehicle of the East Germany National People‘s Army (NVA). The models is sometimes sold with prominent NVA emblems on the hull sided.


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Excellent choice of subject, die BRDM-1 armoured recce vehicle is unique in this scale. The model was produced by Espewe, VEB Plasticart, and MAB in East Germany.

The Espewe SPW 40‘s front is flat as a flounder. The mistake is that the model‘s engine cover was given an exaggerated 10° slope, whereas the original only has a 2° slope. Accordingly, the actually pontoon-shaped BRDM-1 now looks like a sport car or sneaker.

The two roof hatches for the commander and driver are erroneously modelled as one common hatch. The error can be corrected by engraving a joint and adding the two missing hinges.

The machine gun pintle mount is missing. The error max be fixed by drilling a hole centered between the front hatches and inserting a short section of 1 mm brass tube.

The antenna mount is not prepared to accept an antenna made of brush bristle, but it can be drilled accordingly.

Due to its unrealistic engine compartment, Espewe‘s SPW 40P is not a good model of the pontoon-shaped BRDM-1 armoured recce vehicle.

BRDM-1 Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle