French Napoleonic Horse Artillery of the Imperial Guard, 1806–1815

15 mm Naismith French Napoleonic Horse Artillery of the Imperial Guard painted as Neapolitan Guard Horse Artillery.

The French Artillerie à Cheval de la Garde Imperiale was formed in 1806 as a regiment of four mounted batteries and one squadron of velites, equipped with captured 6-pdr guns. During the course of the Napoleonic Wars the regiment temporarily consisted of six batteries, until it was reduced to four batteries again following the costly campaigns of 1812 and 1813. Each battery consisted of 100 gunners serving four medium guns (8-pounders) and two medium howitzers (6 inch). In 1807 the Guard Horse Artillery received lighter 6-pounder guns. Horse artillery gunners were fully mounted, either on spare horses, limbers or ammunition wagons, in order to keep up with the cavalry formations they were supporting in battle. Draft horses, limbers, supply and ammunition wagons were handled by artillery train soldiers attached to the guard horse artillery.


  • Guard Horse Artillery, 1:32 Italeri 6868
  • Guard Horse Artillery limbers, 1:32 Italeri 6867
  • Officer with telescope, 25 mm Bicorne Miniatures FN58
  • Gunner with rammer, 25 mm Bicorne Miniatures FN54
  • Gunner with portfire, 25 mm Bicorne Miniatures FN55
  • Gunner kneeling with ammo chest, 25 mm Bicorne Miniatures FN56
  • Gunner with bucket, 25 mm Bicorne Miniatures FN57
  • Officer (1815), 25 mm Hinchliffe
  • Sergeant (1815), 25 mm Hinchliffe
  • Gunner with round (1815), 25 mm Hinchliffe F35
  • Gunner at gun (1815), 25 mm Hinchliffe F36
  • Gunner with sponge (1815), 25 mm Hinchliffe
  • Gunner with linstock (1815), 25 mm Hinchliffe
  • Gunner with bucket (1815), 25 mm Hinchliffe
  • Wounded Gunner (1815), 25 mm Hinchliffe
  • Dead Gunner (1815), 25 mm Hinchliffe
  • French Guard Horse Artillery, 1:72 Italeri 6018
  • Artillerie à Cheval, 20 mm Hinton Hunt BB28
  • NCO or spare hand, 20 mm Lamming Miniatures FA/19
  • Gunner with match, 20 mm Lamming Miniatures FA/15
  • Gunner with lever, 20 mm Lamming Miniatures FA/16
  • Gunner carrying cannon ball, 20 mm Lamming Miniatures FA/17
  • Gunner holding rammer, 20 mm Lamming Miniatures FA/18
  • Guard Horse Artillery Crew, 15 mm Naismith Design FN13
  • Guard Horse Artillery, 15 mm Minifigs 54NF
  • French guard horse artillery crew, 15 mm AB Figures AB-IG41
  • French guard horse artillery set, mounted, 15 mm AB Figures AB-IG42/4
  • Artillerie à Cheval, 1:300 Heroics & Ros MFN9

Historical Employment

Possible Conversions

  • French Line Horse Artillery 1804–1812
    The conical shako with red plume and cords was introduced in 1804. In 1812 the spencer replaced the hussar tunic in the line horse artillery.
  • Mounted guard horse artillery gunners may be painted as elite hussar troopers, in which case a hussar horse with a round portemanteau should be used.


French Guard Horse Artillery is a popular subject with collectors, wargamers, and diorama builders, because of its fancy hussar-style uniform.

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