Infantry and Cavalry of the German Confederation, 1815–1866

Jean Höfler 1:30 Scale Antique Miniatures Review


  • Drummer, Hesse-Cassel, nf01
  • Rifleman, Großherzogtum Oldenburg (Hanseatische Brigade), shouldered Musket, nf02
  • Prussian Guard Uhlan, saluting, nf03
  • Bavarian Grenadier, nf04
  • Trumpeter, Holstein Artillery, nf05
  • Grenadier Officer with Sabre, nf06
  • Prussian Guard Grenadier with Musket, nf07
  • Officer Saxon Guard Division with Bicorne, saluting, nf08


  • Hussar with Sabre, nb01
  • Uhlan with Lance, nb02
  • Hussar Bugler, nb03
  • Guard Hussar with Sabre, nb04
  • Uhlan, saluting, nb05
  • Mounted Officer with Bicorne, drawn Sabre, nb06

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Jean Höfler Miniatures

Miniatures of the German Confederation, 1815–1866