Soviet ISU-122S Assault Gun

Roskopf 1:100 Scale Vehicle Review

Soviet ISU-122 Assault Gun, 1:100 Roskopf 8.

This 1:100 scale model of the Roskopf ISU-122S has had its damaged Dushka machine gun repaired with a section of 1 mm polystyrene tubing and 0.5 mm piano wire. The M.1946 muzzle brake is incorrect for the WW2 version of the machine gun, but it will have to do until we discover a simple technique for modelling the earlier M.1938 muzzle brake. The moulded-on handrails have been scraped off the sides and rear of the casemate, to be replaced by more convincing items made from 0.3 mm piano wire.

In 1965, Roskopf released 1:100 scale models of the Soviet KV-1, KV-2, and KV-85 heavy tanks, as well as the SU-152 self-propelled heavy howitzer, and the ISU-122 self-propelled gun, all of which share the same KV heavy tank chassis. This simple conversion – mating an armoured casemate with an existing tank chassis – works for the SU-152, but a proper model of the ISU-122 would have required an IS heavy tank chassis, of course. Viewed from the front or flank, this »what if« ISU-122S is convincing enough for wargaming purposes, but the configuration of the rear engine deck gives it away as a KV chassis.

The double baffle muzzle brake of the Roskopf model belongs to the ISU-122-2 variant armed with the famous 122 mm L.46 D-25S gun, and designated ISU-122S. Earlier ISU-122 had the 122 mm L.46.3 A-19S gun without muzzle brake, which can be converted easily.



Sold fully assembled, ready to play. The model comes with toy-like carpet rollers which need to be removed to make the assault gun sit on its tracks convincingly. Cover the resulting holes in the underside with free 0.25 mm polystyrene sheet taken from a yoghurt cup.

The ISU-122S had a distinctive ball-mount for the gun, covered by a rounded gun mantlet, both of which are missing on the Roskopf model. While, the gun mount and mantlet modelled by Roskopf do not work for the earlier ISU-122 either, this is still the closer match of the two. To hide the mistake, back-date the model to an earlier ISU-122 by cutting the muzzle brake off. The armoured casemate is too narrow, it leaves too much of the track guards uncovered. This error will be difficult to fix short of a complete rebuild of the superstructure.

The section of tank track on the front drive wheel has come out of the mould as a flat piece of plastic joined to the fender above it. This damage may be fixed by engraving a dividing line between the fender and the track, and glueing track cleats to the flat section of track. While similar damage on the rear drive sprocket is less pronounced, three track cleats need to be added here, too.

The Dushka machine gun is a relatively robust, simplified and oversized rendition of the real thing. Many antique Roskopf models are auctioned with bent or broken machine gun barrels which may be repaired using 0.5 mm piano wire and 1 mm PS tubing. Scratch-building the DShK machine gun is an option even in this small scale.

Compatibel with Battlefront Miniatures (Flames of War, Team Yankee), Essex Miniatures, Eureka Miniatures, Forged in Battle, Irregular Miniatures, Old Glory, Peter Pig, Plastic Soldier Company, Skytrex (Command Decision), Wargames Factory, Quality Castings, Quick Reaction Force (QRF), Zvezda, and similar 15/18 mm or 1:100 scale minitures.

Possible Conversions

  • ISU-122 M.1944 Assault Gun without Muzzle Brake
  • KV-1 Armoured Recovery Vehicle without Casemate

The Roskopf model of the ISU-122S M.1945 assault gun is best suited for wargamers who are prepared to overlook the fact that the vehicle uses the wrong chassis and an inaccurate gun mount. The model paints well and offers better value for money than many similar 1:100 scale or 15 mm compatible assault guns cast in metal or resin.

ISU-122 Assault Gun