British Infantry, 1941–1945

Airfix 1:76 Scale Figure Review

British Infantry, 1941–1945, 1:76 Airfix 01703.

Airfix British Infantry are too lightly equipped to represent infantry in “Full Marching Order” or “Battle Order”, although they might be deployed as motorized infantry who have left their Small Packs and entrenching tool in the attendant M5A1 Half-Track.


48 Figures in 15 Poses – 22 mm equal 167 cm Height

  • Officer in Service Cap, with Webley .38/200 Service Revolver (1)
  • Radio Operator with No.18 Wireless Set (2)
  • Infantryman with Sten SMG, charging (4)
  • Infantryman with Sten SMG, going prone (4)
  • Infantryman with Sten SMG, prone (4)
  • № 1 Bren with Bren LMG, marching (4)
  • № 1 Bren with Bren LMG, kneeling (4)
  • Infantryman with Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 4 Mk. I, marching (3)
  • Infantryman with Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 4 Mk. I, charging (4)
  • Infantryman with Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 4 Mk. I, running (4)
  • Infantryman with Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 4 Mk. I, standing, firing (4)
  • Infantryman with Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 4 Mk. I, kneeling, firing (4)
  • Stretcher-bearer (2)
  • Stretcher-bearer (2)
  • Stretchered Casualty (2)


Excellent choice of subject. Airfix British Infantry in Battledress, with 1937 Pattern Web Equipment, and Brodie helmets is a staple for wargames and dioramas. This 2nd edition British Infantry set, released in 1973, replaced an earlier set called “Infantry Combat Group”, which had fewer poses and lacked automatic weapons like the Sten SMG and Bren LMG.

The Airfix infantrymen are wearing the Mk.1 or Mk.2 helmet which was gradually replaced by the M.1944 Mk.3 “Canadian” helmet and the M.1945 Mk.4 “Turtle Shell” helmet with removable liner. The officer‘s peaked service cap may be replaced by a steel helmet.

British Infantry 1940–1945, 1:76 Airfix 01703.

While the set offers a nice variety of solid wargaming poses, there are too many submachine gunners and not enough riflemen to recruit a full-strength British infantry platoon. The prone submachine gunner may be armed with a scratch-built Boys anti-tank rifle or 2″ mortar to join the Platoon HQ, but additional riflemen will have to be drawn from other figure sets.

British Infantry 1940–1945, 1:76 Airfix 01703.

The sculptor has given the oversized, ill-fitting Battledress trousers a noticeably slimmer cut, making the figures appear much more fashionable than they should be.

British infantry may be converted to represent British Commandos by replacing the steel helmet with a beret or cap, comforter.

British Infantry 1940–1945, 1:76 Airfix 01703.

The infantry set of the 1937 Pattern Web Equipment is modelled incorrectly. While the Braces, two Basic Pouches, Water-Bottle Carrier, Bajonet Frog and Scabbard have been sculpted, the Small Pack and Entrenching Tool Carrier are missing. The officer has a Compass Pouch and Pistol Ammunition Pouch, but no Pistol Case, Binoculars Case, Map Case, or Water-Bottle. Small Packs made of Green Stuff oder Modeling Wax need to be added to make these figures compatibel with Matchbox British Infantry.

Historical Employment

  • British and Commonwealth Infantry, 1941–1945

Possible Conversion

  • British Infantry with Small Box Respirator in Alert Position, 1940
  • British Infantry in Khaki Drill Service Dress (KD SD), 1939–1942
  • British Infantry in KD tropical Dress re-dyed Jungle Green, 1942
  • British Commandos with Berets, 1940–1945
  • Indian Infantry with Turban, 1940–1945

Airfix British Infantry was first released in 1973, and they are still a must-have for wargamers and miniature collectors alike.

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