British Commandos, 1940–1945

Matchbox 1:76 Scale Figure Review

British Commandos 1940–1945, 1:76 Miniatures Matchbox 40906.

A mixed wargame formation of British Commandos produced by Matchbox and Airfix. The miniatures are based for the popular Crossfire game system. The Matchbox figures are shorter and thinner than their Airfix brothers, but they do mix quite well. In fact, the Airfix set is superior in quality, and the Matchbox Commandos are best used to add variety in a unit. The Matchbox figure sets were sculpted by Bill Farmer.


  • 46 Figures in 19 Poses – 21 mm equal 160 cm Height
    • Officer with Pistol (1)
    • Officer/NCO with Sten Sub-Machine Gun (1)
    • Commando with Bren LMG, standing (2)
    • Commando with Bren LMG, kneeling (3)
    • Commando with Bren LMG, prone (3)
    • Commando with Thompson Sub-Machine Gun and Dagger, crawling (4)
    • Commando with Sten Sub-Machine Gun, climbing Ladder (1)
    • Commando with Thompson Sub-Machine Gun and Handgrenade (1)
    • Commando with Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, advancing (3)
    • Commando with Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, running (3)
    • Commando mit Gewehr, standing firing (2)
    • Commando mit Gewehr, fighting (4)
    • Commando mit Gewehr, charging (4)
    • Commando mit Gewehr, crawling (4)
    • Commando with Dagger, advancing (4)
    • Commando, carrying ladder (2)
    • Commando with Grapnel (2)
    • Commando with Paddel (1)
    • German Sentry (1)
  • Ladder (2)
  • Rubber Boat (1)


Excellent choice of subject. The Commandos participated in all major campaigns from 1940 to 1945.

Exceptional variety in figure poses. The kneeling officer, prone Bren gunner, and the man throwing a grenade are superb figures.

Commandos in Battledress, with 1937 Pattern Web Equipment and standard infantry weapons, may be converted to represent regular infantry by replacing the knit cap with a steel helmet.

The anklets are too tall.

The Fairbairn-Sykes Daggers are sculpted incorrectly, they look like knives or bayonets.

Ammunition bandoliers, toggle ropes, entrenching tools, and infantry packs are missing. Leather jerkins became popular with the Commandos, but they are not in evidence on any of the figures.

Some of the poses are similar to previously released Airfix Commando poses, but not nearly as well sculpted.

Historical Employment

  • British Army Commandos 1940–45
  • Combined Operations Assault Pilotage Parties (COPP) 1941–45
  • British Royal Marine Commandos 1942–45
  • British Royal Navy Commandos 1942–45

Possible Conversion

  • № 10 (Inter Allied) Commando 1942–45. Replace the knit cap with national headgear, like the M1915 Adrian helmets worn by French members of № 10 Commando.
  • British and Commonwealth Infantry 1939–45


The Commandos are a welcome addition to the large range of British infantry figures. With the exception of their commando sweaters, the troops are modelled in standard infantry equipment. Knit caps were not uncommon among regular infantry, although the steel helmet would be worn in battle.

British Commando Miniatures