8th Army Desert Yellow

Humbrol Authentic Colour HM1

8th Army Desert Yellow, Humbrol Authentic Colour HM1.

Humbrol Authentic Colour HM1 »8th Army Desert Yellow« and the identical Humbrol 93 »Desert Yellow« compared to Tamiya XF-92 Yellow Brown RAL 8000, DAK 1941.

Both Humbrol HM1 »8th Army Desert Yellow« and Humbrol 93 »Desert Yellow« are significantly darker than the actual vehicle base colours B.S.C. № 61 »Light Stone« and B.S.C. № 64 »Portland Stone« used in North Africa.

Tamiya XF-59 Desert Yellow.

For comparison, Tamiya XF-59 »Desert Yellow« in the foreground and B.S.C. № 61 »Light Stone« on a Universal Carrier behind.

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