French Napoleonic Cuirassiers, 1812–1815

ESCI 1:72 Scale Figure Review

French Cuirassiers of the Napoleonic War, 1812–1815.

ESCI French Napoleonic Cuirassiers in 1:72 scale. The Eagle-Bearer in the center is a converted Cuirassier who has had his hand drilled open to accept a 0.6 mm pianowire flagpole. The French Eagle was taken from an ESCI French infantry miniature. The cuirassiers have taken their helmet plumes off prior to battle, with the exception of the elite company cuirassier. The cuirassier horses have received reins made from paper. These cuirassiers of the 11th Cuirassier Regiment are mounted on a 3″ × 3″ cavalry brigade stand compatible with Volley & Bayonet wargame rules.


12 Cuirassiers in 5 poses, 24 mm equal 173 cm Height

  • Cuirassier with raised sabre (3)
  • Cuirassier with raised sabre (3)
  • Cuirassier with drawn sabre (2)
  • Cuirassier with lowered sabre (3)
  • Cuirassier, dismounted (1)

12 Cuirassier horses in 3 poses

  • Cuirassier horses galloping, phase 7 (5)
  • Cuirassier horses galloping, phase 9 (6)
  • Cuirassier horse standing (1)


Good choice of subject, these French cuirassiers are still among the best French heavy cavalry available in 1:72 scale. The cuirassiers are armed with the carbine model An IX which was issued in 1811.

Uniforms, facings, epaulettes, cuirasses, chains, weapons, and horse furniture are beautifully detailed, and easy to paint. The helmet plumes should be removed prior to battle.

Officers, eagle-bearers, and musicians are missing. The cuirassier with drawn sabre may be converted to an eagle-bearer by drilling his hand open and inserting a flagpole cut from 0.6 mm pianowire. The eagle and flag pictured above were taken from an ESCI French infantry miniature.

The horse poses are similar to photos № 7 and № 9 of the photo sequence “The Horse in Motion” by Edward Muybridge, but the sculpting is less than perfect. The galloping horses are offered with open mouths, but without reins. Suitable reins may be scratch-built from narrow strips of paper, attached to the horse’s head and neck with diluted PVA glue. The number of horse poses may be increased with remounts from A Call To Arms’ French Cuirassiers or Italeri’s French Dragoons.

French Napoleonic 11th Cuirassiers, 1812–1815, 1:72 Miniatures ESCI P-235

Historical Employment

  • French Cuirassiers of the Napoleonic Wars, 1812–1815


After all these years, ESCI’s French Cuirassiers are still among the best heavy cavalry miniatures of the Napoleonic Wars in 1:72 scale.

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