Prussian 1st Corps, 1815

Variation in Uniform of former Reserve, Freikorps and Foreign Units

12th (2nd Brandenburg) Infanterie-Regiment

12th (2nd Brandenburg) Infanterie-Regiment

1st Btl., dark grey or black waistcoat, red collar patch, white trousers and black crossbelts.

2nd Btl., formerly the 3rd. Btl. 6th Infanterie-Regiment, blue Kollett, carmine collar and facings, white shoulder straps and black crossbelts.

3rd Btl., light grey waistcoat, carmine collar patches, white trousers and black crossbelts.

24th (4th Brandenburg) Infanterie-Regiment

24th (4th Brandenburg) Infanterie-Regiment

1st Btl., grey uniform with yellow collar patches, red shoulder straps and Prussian shakos.

2nd Btl., as 1st Battalion.

3rd Btl., as 1st Battalion, possibly with the black crossbelts normally worn in the 3rd Battalions.

Other units in this corps wore the typical 1813–1815 campaign uniform.


Prussian Napoleonic Infantry, 1813–1815