Portland Stone No. 64

AK Interactive Acrylic Paints 11378

Portland Stone No. 64, AK Interactive 11378.

AK Interactive 11378 »Portland Stone No. 64« compared to Humbrol MC25 »Unbleached Linen« and our mixture of equal parts Tamiya XF-88 »Dark Yellow 2« and Tamiya XF-2 »White«.

AK Interactive 11378 »Portland Stone No. 64« is more saturated than the »B.S.C. No. 64 Portland Stone« sample in Mike Starmer‘s book “The Caunter Scheme”. Depending on the scale of the model, the paint needs to be tinted with up to 15 % white or light grey to account for aerial perspective.

B.S.C. № 64 »Portland Stone«