Austrian Dragoon Regiment Kolowrat-Krakowsky, 1756–1763

Austrian Dragoon Regiment Kolowrat-Krakowsky of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1763.

By decree dated 15 March 1683, Oberst Ludwig Graf Herbeville raised a dragoon regiment of five squadrons. The cadre of the new regiment consisted of 200 officers and men transferred from Dragoner-Regiment Saurau. In addition the regiment reveived 100 men each from Dragoner-Regiment Schulz, Castell, and Kueffstein. In 1691, the regiment was increased by 500 men to an establishment of ten squadrons. During the Seven Years’ War the regiment fought at the Battles of Lobositz, Kolin, Breslau, Leuthen, Hochkirch, Kunersdorf, Landeshut, and Liegnitz.


  • GFWM, later G.d.C Emanuel Wenzel Graf Kolowrat-Krakowsky, 1753–1769

Commanding Officer

  • Oberst Ludwig Graf Argenteau, 1750–1756
  • Oberst Heinrich Freiherr von Jacquemin (Schakmin), 1756–1759
  • Oberst Carl von Hocke, 1759–1771


  • blue coat with white buttons
  • red lapels with seven buttons and buttonholes left and right
  • red cuffs with three buttons
  • red turnbacks
  • red shoulder strap left
  • red aiguillette right
  • black stock
  • red vest with seven white buttons
  • red or straw-coloured breeches
  • black gaiters with white buttons for dismounted service
  • white boot cuffs and tall black riding boots for mounted service
  • black tricorne with white border, and black cockade with white button
  • red saddlecloth with yellow border, and black and white rhombical design
  • black pistol holsters, with red holster covers and border design as above
  • round red mantlesack with border design as above
  • black leather bridle

Campaign History

  • Battle of Lobositz, 1756
  • Battle of Kolin, 1757
  • Battle at Breslau, 1757
  • Battle of Leuthen, 1757
  • Battle of Hochkirch, 1758
  • Battle of Kunersdorf, 1759
  • Battle of Landeshut, 1760
  • Battle of Liegnitz, 1760
  • Engagement at Peilau (Silesia), 1762

Light straw-coloured leather breeches were worn on campaign. Dragoner-Regiment Kolowrat-Krakowsky was distinguished from Dragoner-Regiment Liechtenstein by its white buttons.


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